The Shocking Truth of Modern Medicine

Let me ask you this.

If you had a product and lied to your buyers and consumers
about how good the product was, and that turned out to be
a dangerous product, do you think you would get away with
it for long?

Nope, probably not.

But the big drug companies do! If you had to guess, would
you guess that a $3 billion fine meant that someone had
been caught doing something wrong?

Yes, I would too – after all, that is a lot of money!

So, who (or what) am I talking about?

Well, I’m talking about the fine that the British-based
multi-national drug company GlaxoSmithKline had to pay to
settle criminal charges for:

* Pushing (yes, I said “pushing”) their anti-depressant
drugs Paxil and Wellbutrin, among others, for unapproved
uses. This basically means that the company was telling
doctors these drugs could be used, untested, for their

* Not reporting or mis-reporting (isn’t mis-reporting the
same thing as lying?) certain safety issues with their
anti-diabetes drug Avandia. These safety issues included
increased risks of heart disease

* Improper marketing of other drugs

* Lying to the US Food and Drug Administration, which is
the charged with ensuring drug safety standards

* Bribing doctors to prescribe their drugs by giving the
doctors expensive gifts, vacations and paying them large
sums of money to talk up various drugs.

* Defrauding government programs for the elderly and poor.

While this is the largest money settlement ever paid by a
large drug company, it’s most certainly not the only one!
Other companies have been caught or accused of falsifying
data and using unfair market practices.

For example:

* The drug company Pfizer has been sued by at least 5 US
pharmacy chains of conspiring to prevent low-cost generic
versions of a cholesterol-lowering drug (Lipitor) to come
to market.

* Two virologists that worked at Merck have claimed that
the company falsified the data showing that their vaccine
was much more effective than it really was. This one is
particularly disturbing – remember that most vaccines are
meant to protect our children!

So, here’s the situation:

More than a few big drug companies have been accused and
have been caught at lying about their drugs.

The drug companies will pay HUGE fines, but not a single
individual or executive (so far) has been convicted or
sentenced to a prison term for wrongdoing.

Now, I believe that there is obviously a time and a proper
use for drugs.

One of the most serious health problems in the world is
chronic disease. Years ago, the biggest killer was
infections. Today, we worry much more about chronic heart
disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Yet, the single
best way to deal with all these disorders is prevention.

And, the main ways to prevent all those diseases (even
cancer, though that is much more difficult to be sure
about) is by lifestyle changes.

By lifestyle changes I mean diet, nutrition, exercise,
stress reduction and personal habits such as drugs
(recreational and prescribed), smoking and alcohol

While there is never a guarantee in life, if you eat well-
balanced and nutritious meals, using real, fresh food and
not processed, prepared products, you can reduce your
risks of chronic disease.

If you combine nutrition with regular exercise, you can
reduce your risk of disease even more.

I’m not suggesting everyone should be an Olympics-class
athlete, but I am suggesting everyone could reduce their
risk by increasing their physical activity level!

Also, minimizing if not totally eliminating alcohol,
tobacco and other drug use can also significantly reduce
your chances of chronic disease.

By doing all these things, you can also reduce the
necessity of taking the various drugs and medications –
from those companies that may have their profits and their
bottom lines more in mind than you and your health!

Another big lie is that these drugs and medications are
all you have to do to be “cured.”

Taking an anti-depressant can be very helpful, but you
still have to deal with the factors that caused the

Taking a blood pressure medication may reduce your blood
pressure and decrease your risk of heart disease, but if
you don’t deal with your weight, your sedentary lifestyle,
your alcohol or tobacco consumption, or your stress
levels, the drugs may only be delaying the results of
those choices.

My point here is that we’ve been taught that the answer to
all our health problems lie in a prescription bottle. And,
sometimes they do!

For those cures, I applaud all the hard work that has gone
into the research and development of those drugs.

But, if that’s our only approach, it is likely doomed to
failure because it is not going after the root cause of
the health problem.

We don’t always know the exact cause, but we sure have a
pretty good clue that; for example, a stressful lifestyle
combined with obesity, no exercise, smoking and drinking
are a significant factor in heart disease.

So, next time you are given a prescription, just make
absolutely certain you need it and that there is not a
better alternative!

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