Green Tea Benefits To Your Health

You may have come across many different flavors of tea lining the aisles of the grocery store if you’re a tea drinker. You may even have seen and tried green tea in your taste-testing endeavors.

You may have observed that it held a nice, gentle flavor, but did you know that it provides much more than just flavor? Green tea has been around for a long time and is better known in other countries as a healthy and healing type of tea.

It possibly has the most health benefits of any type of beverage or food item we know about. Green tea was developed centuries ago for the sole purpose of healing. The Chinese are the ones who initially realized the benefits it holds and found a way to harness them for consumption.

Because it could be used for things like headache pain and depression, Green tea became an integral part of their society and culture. Because they felt it was the wonder drug of their time, it was considered a highly sought after medicinal treatment.

This wonder drug has been in their culture for over 4,000 years now. Green tea can be helpful for many disorders and diseases. Some of those include cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels, different types of infections, rheumatoid arthritis and even some types of cancer.

Green tea is mostly recognized for its ability to help your body stay strong and fight off disease– including some forms of cancer, such as esophageal cancer. Studies have shown that green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese people by at least 60 %.

Dieters can also benefit from this flavorful tea. It’s known for its ability to help your body burn off some of the daily calories you take in. It provides you with some of the needed nutrients as well as being a healthy beverage that tastes good.

Another advantage you may not realize that it provides is the fact that it can help prevent tooth decay. Since it has bacteria-destroying abilities, it prevents harmful bacteria from settling into your mouth and triggering the decaying and rotting of your teeth. That bacterium is also prevented from traveling any further into your body (such as your blood stream) and causing more disease.

You should consider drinking some green tea before retiring for bed each night if you suffer from insomnia. You can get a good night’s sleep just by sipping a steaming cup of green tea before bed. Introduce it into your daily beverage options and see how its powerful ingredient affects your health and wellness.


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