Foods That Cause Stress


Stress could be due to many things – from work issues to financial situations. It’s a normal reaction every human experiences in situations they were not prepared for. In some cases, though, stress can possibly be due to simple situations – like consuming particular food items that damage your body and emotions.

Here are some foods that can cause stress when you eat an excessive amount of them:

Caffeine is well-known as a stimulant. Having a caffeine-boost isn’t the answer to your problem when you’re trying to relax. You don’t need to eliminate it forever, but attempt to limit your consumption of caffeine if you’re experiencing the effects of stress in your life.

Candy is another food item that has potential for causing a good amount of stress. Candy, in many cases, contains quite a bit of sugar. Sugar will give you a temporary boost of energy, but it gives you too much at one time, resulting in a quick crash shortly after.

Once the sugar high subsides, your mood can possibly be irritable from the overwhelming fatigue it brings. Go for sugarless options or treats with a much smaller amount of sugar if the sweet treats can’t be avoided.

Potato chips are another stress-inducing snack item.  Most potato chips contain a lot of salt, which can make you dehydrated and retain water. The more uncomfortable you start to feel, the more stress starts to come on. Select less-salty snacks, like low salt pretzels or even a low salt version of your favorite potato chip.

Another item many people don’t consider is fast food French fries that are high in salt and fried in a great deal of fat. The fast food restaurants thrive on their ability to make you the food fast, so the fries aren’t usually given enough time to drain off the excess grease.

The oil can cause stomach or digestion distress, which will most definitely cause stress in those who wind up suffering from it. Avoid them as much as possible or limit your consumption of them.

Junk food, in general, is considered stress inducing and poor in its nutritional components. When your body doesn’t get enough of the necessary minerals and nutrients it needs, its chances of having the ability to handle stress are lowered.

Eat yourself into a healthy state rather than toward a stressful one. Watch what you stress and eat will become more of a minor annoyance in your life rather than a pending catastrophe!


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