Common Cold Home Remedies

Nothing is more annoying and weakening to your body than the onset of the common cold. The intensity of suffering also depends upon your health and the weather.

Mom’s home-made chicken soup has been utilized for years to effectively minimize the symptoms of a cold, but there are other home therapies that are also effective. Some include:

  • Vitamin C – Taking Vitamin C regularly will aid to prevent the common cold. Take large doses of this vitamin to lessen the symptoms and shorten the time you’re ill if you already have a cold.
  • Watch your diet – Drink lots of liquids– especially fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid foods with starches, cheese, meat and eggs, but eat lots of vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds.
  • Ginger Tea – Hot tea made from ginger root, leaves and a little sugar added to boiling water is an effective remedy for a cold. It helps and soothes the throat to diminish fever.
  • Lemon – Packed with Vitamin C, lemon juice assists the immune system to defend against all illnesses and decreases the toxicity of the common cold. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a glass of warm water (and a spoonful of honey) to get the most beneficial results.
  • Garlic – Contains oil and valuable antiseptic qualities that help with respiratory complications as well as flushes toxins from the body. Make a soup by boiling about four cloves of garlic in a cup of water– or use garlic oil and consume it two or three times each day.
  • Apple cider vinegar – A beneficial remedy for a stuffy nose affiliated with the common cold. Make a solution of equal portion of apple cider vinegar and water. When the solution begins to boil, lean over the pan and inhale the fumes.

Environmental factors like dust or pollen in the air and drastic changes in temperature have a lot to do with the possibility that you’ll catch the common cold. How healthy you are can also be a determining factor in how susceptible you are to catch a cold.

You can also be far more at risk if you’re tired, depressed or experience depression or sleep deprivation. Keep healthy habits like a balanced diet, plenty of sunshine and rest and relaxation and you’ll be much more successful in keeping the common cold at bay.



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